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Iranian Anglican Church member reconvicted for ‘propaganda’ and ‘illegal membership’

Following a hearing on 8th of January this year at Branch 105 of the Civil Court in Shiraz, Ismaeil was found guilty of “insulting Islamic sacred beliefs".


An Iranian Anglican Church member has been reconvicted of membership of a “Zionist Evangelical Christian” group “hostile to the regime” at his retrial, and convicted of the additional charge of “propaganda against the state”, according to Article 18, a UK-based persecution monitoring group.

Ismaeil Maghrebinejad, aged 65, was informed of the verdict on Saturday the 16th of May, following his retrial the previous Saturday at the 1st Branch of the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz.

As he has been sentenced in two separate cases, according to Article 18, it is likely that Ismaeil will only have to serve the longer sentence of two years which he received for “insulting Islam”.

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