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Pakistan: food aid denied for over 100 Christian families amid coronavirus

International Christian Concern, a persecution watchdog, has documented yet another instance of Pakistani Christians being denied humanitarian aid because of their religious identity.


On Sunday the 5th of April, more than 100 Christian families from Sandha Kalan village, located in the Kasur district of Pakistan’s Punjab province, were excluded from a programme for the distribution of food aid, ICC reported. Shahakeel Ahmed, a local Muslim and human rights defender, told ICC that Sheikh Abdul Haleem Hamid, a cleric at the local mosque, decided that the food aid would be distributed only to Muslim families.

Ahmed reportedly protested against this discrimination and raised his voice against the decision made by the cleric. However, these protests went unheard.

Speaking to ICC, Ahmed said that “I condemn this inhumane and discriminatory act by my Muslim village peers and stand in solidarity with the poor Christian population of the village.”

Therefore a group of like-minded individuals are collecting donations from liberal Muslims to extend foodstuff to this vulnerable sector– the Christians of this country,” he added.


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