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Syria: Austrian priest opened a bakery in Damascus to help the starving people

Hungary also contributed with some financial aid to help the project succeed

Coronavirus – Hungary supports Palestinian Christians

The Hungarian government has earmarked 20,000 euros to support Palestinian Christians in the West Bank amid the pandemic.

Christians and other religious minorities denied aid amid pandemic in Pakistan

During the coronavirus pandemic people are especially exposed to poverty in some areas.

Maronite Church to launch food and social assistance plan

The plan involves various social or socio-political associations and organisations.

Pakistan: some provide food aid on condition that people convert to Islam

There have been some cases when Muslims exploited the hunger of the poor.

Patriarch Sako: Pandemic strengthens Islamic-Christian solidarity

Christians distribute aid to Muslims in solidarity and without religious distinctions.

Providing aid to displaced Christians in Iraq is not guaranteed

A number of Catholic charities in Iraq are raising the alarm because of COVID-19 quarantine restrictions.

Pakistan: food aid denied for over 100 Christian families amid coronavirus

This is the third incident of discrimination against Christians in Pakistan since the outbreak of COVID-19

Survival of Christians in Iraq still unstable

"Thanks to the help from Western countries, there are still Christians in Iraq," Fr Jens Petzold told ACN.

Hungary and Estonia to join forces in support of persecuted Christians

In addition to interests, common values form the basis of the alliance between Hungary and Estonia.