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French Evangelists targeted by hate speech for allegedly spreading coronavirus

After a Pentecostal church was identified as one of the main sources of contamination in France, Christians from this movement were targeted by a wave of hate speech. Thierry Le Gall, spokesman for the National Council of Evangelicals (CNEF) expressed his concern in an interview with the La Vie magazine.

“During the past two weeks, we have received cases of aggressive messages directed at the evangelical community. On social networks, we noted a lot of violent remarks, calling us a sect that should be eradicated with a Kalashnikov and that we have nothing to do in the country,” Le Gall explained.

Pastors have received threats by letters, messages or phone calls. The phenomenon is now confirmed to be at national level; police surveillance has been increased at several places of worship belonging to the  different churches that have been threatened.

The accusations refer to the evangelical gathering of the church of La Porte Ouverte in Mulhouse that took place between the 17th and the 21st of February and which brought together around 2,000 evangelical Christians from all over France to pray and fast. 

Since then, French Evangelists have been accused of being responsible for the spreading of COVID-19 in the country.


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