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Waste management facility to be built near Virgin Mary’s House, Ephesus

The project has sparked a reaction by the few local Christians who informed the Vatican of what is happening, Asia News has learned.


The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality plans to build a waste treatment plant near the Virgin Mary’s House in Menderes Sub-Prefecture, Asia News reported.

The construction has sparked a reaction by the few local Christians, who have informed the Vatican about the project, which will foul land the air.

According to Asia News, Kadir Telli, president of the Menderes Chamber of Agriculture, said that Çakaltepe Gölova, where the plant will be located, is 13 kilometres from the House of the Blessed Virgin and that he will send a letter to Pope Francis, head of the Vatican State, to inform him of the issue.

The Virgin Mary’s House is a sacred place for Christians and Muslims.

It stands on Mount Solmissós, not far from the ancient city of Ephesus. It is considered the place where Our Lady was taken by John and where she lived until the end of her earthly days.


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