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Reformed Church in Hungary has collected more than $100 000 aid to rebuild an Evangelical Primary School in Damascus

Students and educators of the Reformed Church in Hungary have collected a record-high amount in a donation organized for the renovation of the Evangelican Primary School in Damascus.


At the end of 2019, during a charity campaign more than $65 000 was raised to which the Presidium of the General Convent of the Church contributed with more than $35 000 as well. The building was hit during the war in the country, seriously damaging the roof structure.

In the past ten years, the pupils, students and teachers of the educational institutes of the Reformed Church in Hungary have collected less than half a million dollars from which

it was possible to maintain the functioning of transborder Hungarian educational institutions, some of which are often forced to operate without state subsidies from neighbouring countries.

The donation campaign at the end of 2019 was organized to provide help to the Evangelical Primary School in Damascus. 

Classrooms in the Armenian Evangelical School in Damascus need to be refurbished. (Credit:

“We invite the Hungarian Reformed educational institutions in the Carpathian Basin to launch a fundraising campaign. We are not only asking for financial support from students and teachers, but also for their assistance to organise a fundraising event. Fundraising is not a common practice in Hungary… I think fundraising is more than just collecting money. The students become more sensitive”, stressed in an earlier interview Tibor Ábrám, Lay President of the Cistibiscan Reformed Church District and coordinator of the Fund.

According to the HRC, the current campaign is just another step on the common journey and another sign of the  mutual trust and solidarity which was symbolically sealed on the 27th March 2019 as Presiding Bishop István Szabó and leaders of the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon as well as of the Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East has singed a Memorandum of Commitment expressing their dedication to the partnership with each other. 


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