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Jordan Peterson fights for his life in Russian hospital

The daughter of the famous conservative Youtube influencer Jordan Peterson informed the press about her father's critical state of health. Addicted to sedatives, he is currently in a hospital in Russia under intensive care.


Peterson decided to get treatment in Russia after it turned out that he is addicted to tranquilizers. As it turned out, his life is at risk.

“He almost died several times,” says his daughter Mickhaila. As she explained, he came to Russia to heal his destructive addiction. According to her, in the West, doctors want to treat drug addiction by giving him more of them, just of a different type. Meanwhile, the Russians have a different approach and her father is undergoing detoxification.

The famous professor was to become addicted to sedatives after the witch hunt he has been subjected to during the last decade, mainly from liberal journalists. Jordan Peterson bravely opposes political correctness and stands up for freedom of speech. He is known for being critical towards the ever growing hardcore feminism in Western societies.



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