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President of Senegal criticises Justin Trudeau regarding homosexuality

"I am always a human rights defender and I always speak on these issues wherever I go," said Justin Trudeau during a joint press conference in Dakar. The Canadian politician rejected President Salla's thesis that Senegal is a leader in terms of democracy and values. "We still have work to do," said Trudeau. The problem is who recognizes what as values?


“The laws of our country are in line with standards that summarize our values ​​of culture and civilization. It has nothing to do with homophobia. However, people with the sexual orientation of their choice are not excluded, ” Macky Sall replied.

Sall pointed out that today’s legalization of homosexuality acts means that tomorrow’s gay parades will appear on the streets and undermining the country’s social values. “This is not possible because our society does not accept it,” he added.

Senegalese law punishes homosexual acts with prison sentences of one to five years. The Penal Code states “immodest or unnatural action against a person of the same sex.” The country successfully resists international pressure to depenalize homosexuality.



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