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French “singer” who mocked Christ on air apologizes to an LGBT association

On January 10, 2020, French "artist" Frederic Fromet created a controversy by singing his vulgar "Jesus is gay song" on a French public radio station. He than claimed he has been misunderstood and apologized for having offended an LGBT organisation.

This is not the first provocation by Frédéric Fromet. A few days after the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris, he sang a bad tasted song about the “burned cathedral”. After numerous voices of indignation, the song disappeared.

Frederic Fromet commented the controversy a few days after the scandal. “My purpose was only to denounce homophobia. I was so misunderstood that I even offended an LGBT association. It is a fault, therefore. I readily admit it. I apologize to the people I have hurt, while claiming my right to make mistakes (…)

It is worth mentioning that like most liberal and left wing activists, he only dares to mock Christianity among other religions.


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