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Amazon bans books on gay ‘conversion therapy’. Is the Bible next?

In a very disturbing move, Amazon has removed the books of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, the psychologist whom critics have dubbed “the father of conversion therapy.” In other words, for claiming that change is possible for those who experience unwanted same-sex attraction, Dr. Nicolosi’s books must be banned. This leads to the logical question: Will Amazon ban the Bible next?


There is no hyperbole here, as Michael L. Brown on LifeSiteNews claims.

After all, it is the Bible that condemns same-sex relationships and the Bible that speaks of those who once practiced homosexuality but do so no more (see 1 Corinthians 6:9-11). These people, today, would be known as “ex-gays.”

And it was Dr. Nicolosi’s life work to help people with unwanted same-sex attractions.

Why, then, should Amazon ban his books but continue to sell the Bible, which provides the theological underpinnings for Dr. Nicolosi’s scientific work? 

After all, gay critics of the Bible refer to the so-called “clobber passages,” referring to verses which have been used to speak against homosexual practice. If these verses, then, have brought such harm to the gay community, why shouldn’t the book containing these verses be banned?

Not only so, but there are numerous books on Amazon written by ex-gays, sharing their wonderful stories of transformation. Will their books be banned next?

And what about the books that come to different scientific conclusions than the LGBT activists and their allies? And the books that challenge the goals of LGBT activism in society? And the books that reiterate the Scriptural prohibition of same-sex relationships?

Will those books be banned next?

Healing Homosexuality: Case Stories of Reparative Therapy with author Dr. Joseph Nicolosi

Dr. Nicolosi, Jr. son of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi is the founder of the Reintegrative Therapy Association. A licensed clinical psychologist,  he is the clinical director of the for-profit organization, The Breakthrough Clinic, which focuses on addiction disorders through the use of treatments that are faster, more gentle and more effective than most conventional treatments. 


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