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Leader of Christian Democratic Union faction can imagine a Muslim as chancellor of Germany

For the leader of the CDU-CSU Union, Ralph Brinkhaus (50) this is not a misconception. "If he is a good politician and represents our values ​​and our political opinions, a Muslim could also become a chancellor of the CDU in 2030". In an earlier interview he also said that people of other faiths or atheists should also be welcomed among the Christian Democrats. ”The CDU is not a religious community", he claimed.


Although there are still good ten years for 2030, but already sees Brinkhaus in the career opportunities of Christian Democrats for non-Christians.

“In some regions, only a fraction of the population belongs to a church, which is why Muslims who share our values ​​- human dignity, personal responsibility, solidarity – and the Basic Law are invited to join the CDU “. he claimed

What is more, in an interview he gave the Evangelical German news agency, he added that if a Muslim “is a good politician and represents our values ​​and our political opinions,” they could also become a chancellor of the CDU in 2030. “Why not?”

He did not reveal however, how a person of Islamic faith could best represent the values of the German Christian Democrats.

In fact, especially in East Germany, most people do not belong to any of the two major churches. Together, Catholics and Protestants in 2018 accounted for just under 58% of the German population. Last year alone, they lost 660,000 members.

Other members of the CDU in fact, do not want Muslims in their party. As the deputy of CDU Veronika Bellmann of Saxony already clarified last year:

We do not want Muslims in this party. Islamic faith is incompatible with membership of the CDU, being the Christian Democratic Party of Germany

This also applies to lay and non-practicing Muslims: “Today they are lay, but tomorrow again faithful,” Bellmann said in the “Young Freedom” newspaper.

It is not the first statement by the leader of the Union group that calls for greater openness towards Muslims in the Union. In December, Ralph Brinkhaus informed the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” that people of other faiths or atheists in the Union should also be welcomed. “For me it is not decisive to which religion a person belongs, but what values ​​it has.”

“The CDU is not a religious community – this distinguishes us from the Catholic Church which I am a member of”, he claimed.

Ralph Brinkhaus was a trade union leader for six months. The fifty-year-old tax consultant from the Westfalia city of Wiedenbrück has been a member of the CDU since 1998 and has been present in the Bundestag since 2009.

He has made a name for himself as an established financial politician and a good speaker, becoming one of the eleven parliamentary vice-presidents at the beginning of 2014.

Brinkhaus is married, Catholic and childless.


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