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The Brazilian Senate wants to back a bill that will guarantee the right to life of the unborn from the moment of conception

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The Brazilian Senate intends to protect life from the time of conception with a new bill.

The Brazilian Senate assembled on the 12th of February, to renegotiate a draft amendment to the Constitution, called the “Project of Life,” proposed by the now ex-senator, Magno Malta. The proposal aims to change the 5th article of the Constitution, and thus guarantee everyone the “right to life since conception.”

However, it was Eduardo Girao who first introduced the project. “The fulfilment of this plan is an old dream of the Brazilian people. The majority of the population are pro-life, and  are against abortion at any time during pregnancy,” he wrote on his social network accounts. The proposal will now be examined by the Commission on the Constitution.

So what is the actual abortion law in Brazil?

Currently, in Brazil, abortions are only allowed in special cases: if the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life or if the foetus is suffering from anencephaly. These cases are not dealt with in the bill. Girao highlighted that the aim of the bill is not to change current laws. Rather, they want to prevent any adverse deviations in the future and to influence the judiciary to make pro-life decisions, by providing legal clarification of the abortion law. He added that he was very content with the results of the debate in Congress, and he hopes that the government will not allow any other innocent Brazilian children, still in the womb, to die.

The babies’ life is still in danger

On the other hand, the  PSOL party petitioned the revision of another article in the penal code which states that abortion is a crime. They are asking for the decriminalisation of abortion up until the 12th week of pregnancy.

The pro-life project just mentioned,  is how the anti-abortion side are tacking this proposal.

Source: Aleteia

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