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Government respects Supreme Court’s judgement in Asia Bibi case

Pakistani premier assured the president of the European Parliament that the Pakistani government respects the Supreme Court’s judgment in Asia Bibi’s case. EU Parliament president Antonio Tajani, thanked prime minister Imran Khan for ensuring safety and security of Asia Bibi and her family.

Mr. Antonio Tajani phoned the Pakistani premier to express gratitude over the government’s efforts in safeguarding Asia Bibi in the midst of threats and turmoil.

“As citizens of Pakistan, Asia Bibi and her family are entitled to all rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of Pakistan” prime minister Imran Khan told Mr. Antonio Tajani.

A press release issued by the prime minister’s office said that the EU Parliament’s president had phoned Imran Khan to thank him for ensuring the safety and security of Asia Bibi and her family. The prime minister reiterated the resolve that there should be better dialogue and cooperation in order to promote interfaith and intercultural harmony.

Mr. Tajani assured Pakistani Premier that the European Parliament will fully cooperate with Pakistani government in Asia Bibi’s matter.

Source: Christian Pakistan

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