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A French NGO wants to implement a Hungarian aid model in France


A French NGO wants to implement an aid model, already pioneered by the Hungarian Secretary of State, to help persecuted Christians in the East.  According to the leaders of the organisation, this model, if established, could improve the lives of Christians in the troubled areas

The French NGO, called SOS (Chrétiens d’Orient) published an appeal through which they invited the French government to appoint a secretary of state for persecuted Christians. This idea was based on the Hungarian model, where institutional assistance of this kind has existed since 2016.  

According to the president of the French organisation, Charles De Meyer, and its director, Benjamin Blanchart, a secretary of state for persecuted Christians in France would help with the reconstruction of war-torn areas, and encourage the return of displaced  Christians to these towns.

The official aid organisation of the French Church (Oeuvre d’Orient) also created a plan to help Christians in the Middle-East and communicated it to the President, Emmanuel Macron. The spokesman of the Oeuvre d’Orient, Charles Personnaz hopes that Macron will plead the cause of local Christians during an official visit to Lebanon and Iraq in February.  The French President recently conducted an official visit to Egypt, on the 20th of January.

Christian institutions sustained significant damages over the last decades in the East and Oeuvre d’Orient has created a support fund to help the cause.  They are asking for financial support from every French-speaking country given that apart from providing essential assistance, the organisation also intends to propagate the French language and culture in these countries.


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