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Two new bishops have been nominated for Iraq

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On Friday, the 18th of January  two new bishops were consecrated in Baghdad. They will serve in Mosul, a town built on the site of the ancient city of  Nineveh. This historic event marks the beginning of Christians returning to the second biggest Christian town of Iraq.

The Chaldean Patriarch, Louis Raphaël Sako consecrated the two new bishops in Saint Joseph’s Cathedral: Fr Michael Najeeb was appointed as Archbishop of Mosul and of Akra and  Fr Robert Saïd as auxiliary bishop of Baghdad.

In his homily, Cardinal Sako told the newly consecrated bishops: “I hope you will be the new Jonah of Nineveh, bringing hope and peace to the inhabitants.”

About 600 persons participated in the ceremony in Baghdad. Among those attending were representatives of other religions, including some Muslims– whose presence signalled their support for the Christian Church.

The seat of the bishop of Mosul had been vacant since 2015.  The nomination of a new Chaldean archbishop is seen as a historic event, one that brings hope for a better life to the local Christians.

Fr Najeeb gained worldwide fame with his book about the salvage of hundreds of religious books and manuscripts from the hands of the Islamic State. His work is called: “Save the Books and the Men.”

Source: Aleteia


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