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Controversial Nativity scene on display in the Saint Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal, Canada

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What would Joseph and Mary do if they lived in our modern age? According to the creator of a nativity scene that is currently exhibiting in the Saint Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal,  the couple would take selfies by the crib of the baby Jesus while extending the ‘peace sign’ to their viewers

This controversial representation of the birth of Jesus aims to show this traditional religious scene in a modern setting. Joseph and Mary are taking a selfie beside the manger of the baby Jesus in a stable equipped with solar panels. The visiting three Wise Men are standing on Segways.

Chantal Turbide, the curator of the museum, acknowledged that this modern portrayal of the nativity did not please everyone. In fact, the display became so controversial that the museum had to place warning signs to prevent visitors from becoming upset by the images portrayed. According to the curator,  “the aim of this nativity scene’s author was not to offend anyone’s religious sentiments, but to make us laugh at our modern society.”

About 1,000 Nativity Scenes from 100 countries are permanently on show in Saint Joseph’s Oratory. This ‘hipster’ one, as Chantal Turbide called it, has been part of the exposition since 2017. He admits that this piece does cause controversy, as people from different parts of the world interpret its message differently.

François Trudel, a 74-year-old visitor, admired the artwork. He said the scene signifies that Jesus lives forever, that he did not die 2,000 years ago. 27-year-old Dinara Salaeva has a different opinion. She said: “I am agnostic, but I respect the Bible. When I saw this nativity scene, I thought that it went beyond a simple joke because it disrespects other people’s religion.”

Source: Radio Regina

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