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Men are saying they’re women to get cushier prison sentences…and female prisoners pay the price

Just a couple of years ago, critics of trans ideology were pointing out that this sort of thing was inevitable: If society was forced to accept that people were whatever gender they claimed to be and biological reality was irrelevant to their assertions, then men would start to demand to go to female prisons (as just one example.) And this has become an increasingly common phenomenon.


One rapist who got himself sent to a women’s prison in the UK under the moniker “Karen White” promptly assaulted several female prisoners. The same thing happened at a West Yorkshire women’s prison, where a man with a fully functioning penis (but claiming to be a woman) got himself locked in with the ladies and sexually assaulted four women, with the first attack happening within days of his incarceration. Biological male claiming to be “trans” convicted of sexual assault after getting sent to women’s prison.

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Karen White – It was worth the shave

The same thing is happening in Scotland, where prisoners are (unsurprisingly) claiming to be transgender in order to get cushier prison sentences. One fellow (a murderer) had to be moved back out of the women’s prison after he kept on having sex with female inmates.

Authorities did not explain why this was such a problem, considering the fact that they are required by their politically correct overlords to believe that women can have penises, and as such these must be considered lesbian relationships.

The media insists on calling biological males—in this case, one who has been belatedly sent to a male prison with a few extra convictions under his belt—by female pronouns, perhaps giving some people the mistaken impression that there has been a sudden outbreak of female rapists.

These stories, as mentioned, have become common now—there are even pedophiles claiming to be women in order to more effectively victimize people, or – in this case – even children.

Most people recognize that this is insane, but because they have accepted (or been forced to accept) the premises of the gender fluid ideology, they have nothing to say that will not result in an immediate lynching for the crime of “transphobia,” which these days is a worse crime than locking up a rapist with a bunch of women.



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