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An advertisement that used the image of a baby to promote abortion caused controversy on social networks


A video, that was intended to represent the views of ‘Planned Parenthood,’  a multinational agency that supports abortion, caused controversy on social networks and was classified as ‘barbaric’ by pro-life activists

The video was produced by an American group called the ‘Agenda Project Action Fund (AP Action Fund).’  The advert portrayed three video clips of a smiling baby followed by three short phrases: “She deserves to be loved. She deserves to be wanted. She deserves to be a choice.”

The advert concluded with the message: #StandWithPP, a phrase that is used on social networks to support Planned Parenthood (PP). This multinational group is one of the largest abortion supporters in the world. The PP association has already been accused of selling the organs and tissues of the children aborted in their clinics.

The pro-abortion activists stated on their YouTube account in 2015 when the video was produced: “Women deserve the choice. The babies deserve to be a choice”.

The advertisement generated great controversy on social networks

Obianuju Ekeocha, the founder and president of the Culture of Life Africa posted on her Twitter account that: “This is by far the creepiest pro-abortion Ad I’ve ever seen…”

Actress Patricia Heaton asked the question “Which ghoul at PPFA decided this was a good idea? ‘Let’s show a beautiful infant girl, then list the criteria she needs to meet in order to avoid being aborted!’”

Bethany Mandel, a conservative American author, shared the video on her Twitter account and wrote: “It will certainly turn some folks pro-life it’s so barbaric.”

The singer Kaya Jones labelled the advertisement  as “a most demonic thing; evil, pure evil.”

Finally, the ex-coach of the NFL (National Football League of America) also spoke out against the advertisement and wrote on his Twitter account: “It’s hard to believe anyone in their right mind would see this as a reason to have an abortion.”

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