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‘She is in prison only because she is Christian. This is a big mistake’, European Parliament President defends Asia Bibi

The President of the European Parliament has called for the immediate release of Asia Bibi, the Christian woman on death row in Pakistan.



Answering a question on her situation in a press conference, Antonio Tajani said: “We need to save Asia Bibi. She is in prison only because she is Christian.

“This is a big mistake, it is against human rights. We want to defend human rights everywhere. For this, we need to save Asia Bibi.”

Tajani later went on to raise her plight in the European Parliament chamber, calling on Pakistan’s government to stop the discrimination.

His comments were greeted with applause.

Asia Bibi is currently waiting on a verdict from judges in Pakistan after appealing her case.

She’s been sentenced to the death penalty after being accused of insulting Islam.

Despite spending the past decade in prison, supporters are hopeful she will soon be released.

Source: The Premier UK

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