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Dozens of Christians were killed at a market in Nigeria

nigériai rendőrök

It has been reported that on the 18th of October, about 55 Christians were killed at the market in a town called Kasuwan Magani which is 36 km south from the town of Kaduna in Nigeria in what could be best described as a mass massacre of Christians.

Following investigations, it has unfolded that a young Muslim man started to shout “thief, thief!”  causing confusion among the people present at the market. As panic ensued, other Muslims cried “Allahu Akbar” and opened fire on the crowd. They later attacked houses and shops that belonged to Christians. According to a Protestant clergyman, at least one Protestant church was burnt down in the attack.


55 bodies were recovered, some of them barely identifiable because they were burnt alive in their houses. The town of Kasuwan Magani had previously been the target of Muslim massacres on the 26th of February.

Source, photo: Christianophobie

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