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Libya: two assassins of Christians were arrested in Libya and handed over to the Egyptian authorities

Kopt keresztények kivégzése

Recently, two extreme-Islamist and anti-Christian attackers were arrested in Libya.


Hisham Ashmawi, an ex-Egyptian official, and leader of the organisation  of al-Mourabitoun, affiliated with the al-Qaïda, was recently arrested by the Libyan authorities. It is alleged  he was the organiser of the attacks against Copt pilgrims in May of 2017, in the Fayoum. After being processed by the Libyan court, he will be handed over to the  Egyptian authorities.  


Abdulrahman Ali Aglio was suspected of  being one of the perpetrators who decapitated  about twenty Egyptian Coptsband Ghanaian Christians on a beach in the region of Syrte, in Libya, in February of 2015. He too was  arrested by  Libyan security and has already been handed over to the Egyptian authorities.

Source: Christianophobie


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