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Nobel Peace Prize Nomination for Egypt’s Christians

Washington D.C.  – Egypt’s Christians have received a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, in what is believed to be the first time an ethno-religious group has received the nomination. They were nominated because of their refusal to retaliate against the violent persecution which targets them because of their Christian faith.


On October 5 this year, the recipient of the Peace Prize will be announced.

The persecution of Egypt’s Christians has increased significantly over the last decade. Mob attacks are a common occurrence, and are often sparked by even rumors that an official church might open in a village.

Young women and girls are targeted for kidnapping and forced marriages. Discrimination and harassment are among the normal routine of life. There are many examples of Christian displacement because of violence.

Most of Egypt’s Christians live in Minya Governorate, representing the largest concentration of Christians in the Middle East. The exact number of Christians living in Egypt is considered a state secret. The situation of Egypt’s Christians has worsened under President Sisi’s leadership.

On a local level, authorities are often unable or unwilling to defend the civil rights and security of persecuted Christians.

In some cases, security forces have even been directly involved in the persecution of the church.



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