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The Mexican miracle: an aeroplane with 103 passengers on board crashed yet nobody died

Mexikó, repülő baleset

An Aeromexico plane crashed immediately after take off on the 31st of July in the Guadalupe Victoria International Airport of Durango. All 99 passengers and four crew members survived the accident. According to the passengers and their relatives, it was a miracle that nobody died

Aeromexico flight 2431  was en route from Durango to Mexico City but ran into difficulty during take-off.  The twin-engine jet crashed just off the runway yet miraculously the pilots, cabin crew and passengers miraculously survived the incident. All in all, 85 people were injured; 12 of them are still in a critical condition.


Aviation experts still haven’t found an explanation for the accident but suspect that bad weather may have been a factor. One passenger told media reporters that it was raining during the take-off. The passenger, Jackeline Flores said she left the wrecked plane that was engulfed in flames with her daughter.  She said: “A girl screamed while leaving the plane because her legs were burnt,” and later added: “I feel blessed by God for surviving this accident.”


There are other passengers who also felt favoured by God for having survived the crash. Fr Esequiel Sánchez Arambula , a priest travelling on the plane and a native of  Durango, is currently the rector of the Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in Des Plaines, Chicago. He was visiting his family in Durango for his birthday and after the celebrations was returning to his parish on the Aeromexico flight.  Sitting in the forefront of the plane he could foresee the disaster as he was himself a pilot. According to Fr Sanchez, they were all fortunate to survive the crash.

After the accident, Fr Padilla, a colleague of  Fr Sanchez, thanked God for the life of Father Sánchez on the Facebook page of the church. He posted: “It was a sign of God’s love that every passenger survived the accident. We have to thank  God and the Virgin Mary for her intervention.”


The plane was an Embraer 190, made in 2008 in Brazil. The makers of the plane regretted the incident and said they would cooperate in the investigations.

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Photo: Religión en Libertad



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