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Viktor Orban says ‘Jews can feel safe’ in Hungary during Israel visit

Hungary’s prime minister said he would work to fight anti-Semitism during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In his first visit to Israel as prime minister, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban pledged last Thursday that his country has a “zero tolerance” policy toward anti-Semitism.

“We are proud that in Hungary, self-identifying Jews, who celebrate and preserve Jewish tradition can feel safe,” he said in remarks translated from Hungarian to Hebrew.

Orban made the comments following a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, claiming that negative remarks about the Israeli state are also a form of anti-Semitism.

“We are ready to cooperate in everything connected to the war against anti-Semitism and we think that one of its forms of anti-Semitism is expressions against the state of Israel,” Orban said.

When greeting Orban, Netanyahu called him “a true friend of Israel.” The two leaders have found common ground in their right-wing views and opposition to migration, despite controversy over Orban’s nationalist rhetoric.

“You have stood up for Israel time and time again in international forums, it is deeply appreciated and it is important,” Netanyahu told Orban, adding that both leaders “understand that the threat of radical Islam is a real one.”.


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