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Brazilian Football Players Can’t Pray During the World Cup

Brazil is one of the most religious countries in the world. Brazilian people openly profess their religion and their faith; those living in 2002 will never forget seeing the Brazilian team pray after winning the World Cup. That is why the news that it’s forbidden for the Brazilian football players to pray during the World Cup has shocked everyone.

Since 2015, it has been prohibited for the Brazilian football team to assemble for prayer in their hotel. They can’t even invite a priest to celebrate Mass. If they wish to attend Mass, they have to go out and look for a parish church in a country that is unknown to them. (In Russia they can participate in an Orthodox Mass in the Russian language.)

The reason for the rule sounds ridiculous: the Brazilian Football Association does not want to hurt the feelings of the non-believing members of the team.

Curiously, the majority of the team players have a strong faith.[Evidence of the faith of the Brazilian team is everywhere.] After his goal in London, Neymar posted on social media: “To you, all honour and glory, my God”. On Alisson’s Instagram profile we can read the motto: “God is faithful”. The coach, Tite believes in God, too.

Fortunately, the news about religious prohibition is not entirely accurate. There is a crucifix in the dressing room of the Brazilian team where the football players have the opportunity to pray before and after every match. That said, the team doesn’t pray for victory—that’s not God’s business. They do pray however for a good and fair game.

Source: O Globo


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