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From Christian Persecutor to Evangelist: Pastor Stephen Lungu passed away

Pastor Stephen Lungu died of coronavirus last month on January 19th, at the age of seventy-eight.

Zimbabwe: Nun dies due to injuries, two months after the attack

In August, the two nuns had surprised the burglar when he tried to break into the monastery

Zimbabwe: The government forces newly graduated doctors to join the army

"They bring bloodshed; they kill. Instead of freedom, they bring prison. They bring violence and imprison those who oppose them".

The Church in the front line to help the victims of human trafficking

The fight against human trafficking was at the center of the Regional Conference on Human Trafficking in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe: amid crisis and instability, Christians helping to rebuild the country

The "Breadbasket of Africa" has to leave dictatorship behind and build up a prosperous country and civil society.

Farmers in Zimbabwe facing severe droughts, hunger crisis

As severe drought conditions continue in Zimbabwe, close to 7 million people are facing food shortages.

Pope Francis donates 150 thousand euro to the victims of the Idai cyclone

Latest reports put the death toll at 300, thousands more were injured and many others had to leave their homes due to the flooding