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Hagia Sophia is regularly subjected to vandalism

The now-mosque also faces neglect in the form of trash lying around and layers of dust.

Turkey and Azerbaijan launch military drills at Armenian border

Azerbaijan announced that its Armed Forces would participate in more than 30 international drills this year.

Hagia Sophia has been vandalised

Experts commented and fear for the future of the building without proper maintenance and protection.

Underground Turkish city may have housed persecuted Christians 2000 years ago

Researchers say only 3% of the site has been excavated, so it’s still unknown how large the entire city may span. 

Middle East’s largest Armenian church has reopened in Turkey

The church’s foundation submitted a request to the government to appoint a permanent clergyman to the church.

Armenians face backlash over genocide remembrance

Armenian member of Turkish Parliament Garo Paylan submitted a motion to acknowledge the genocide.

Hagia Sophia cathedral hosts first Muslim prayers in 88 years

Hagia Sophia used to be one of the main Christian cathedrals.

Churches Vandalized in Istanbul on New Years Day

Unknown assailants vandalized three churches in Turkey on New Year’s Day.

Armenian church In Turkey to reopen after decades

Turkey recently had restoration work completed and will serve jointly as a church and cultural center.

Man detained after desecrating church in Istanbul

In 2018 the same church had been desecrated by racially offensive graffiti.