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Iran continues to push its anti-Christian agenda

Regionally, Iranian-backed factions in Iraq and Syria disrupt attempts for peace and restoration

Assyrian patriarchal see to return to Iraq

The patriarchal see of the Assyrian Church of the East has been closed for nearly a decade

Syrian-Armenian church rebuilt after desecration by the Islamic State

Many of Raqqa’s Christians fled the country, seeking refuge in Lebanon, Turkey and beyond, and never returned.

Christians are disappearing from Syria

Today, Christians account for less than 1% of Idlib’s residents.

Christians are disappearing from the Middle East

The extinction of Christianity in the Middle East accelerated dramatically in the early 20th century amid the Armenian genocide.

France and Sweden prosecute ISIS for crimes against Christians and Yazidis

Several governments investigate ISIS crimes with the hope that its members will be held accountable.

The Christmas wish of a young Christian refugee

"I have become a refugee, just like the Child Jesus, who also had to flee together with his parents.”

Catholic charity has sent nearly $50M to aid Syrians since start of civil war

The charity has built a soup kitchen and a social market in Syria while also building two COVID-19 testing center.

Limbo: a documentary on the survivors of ISIS

The film presents the stories of Christians who fled the genocide committed by Islamist extremists in Iraq and Syria.