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Nicaragua released twelve Catholic priests

Six of the released priests were detained this month.

Religious persecution continues in Nicaragua

Christians continue to be silenced and imprisoned for their faith in Nicaragua

Oppression continues: police crack down on Nicaraguan Christians

The Vatican calls the most recent police strike on Christians the "worst since the Cold War"

Police arrest a priest on charges of treason

Nicaraguan police arrested Father Jaime Iván Montesinos Sauceda on Tuesday night, 23 May.

Trappist sisters are leaving Nicaragua because of persecution

President Ortega's regime has already ordered the closure of nine Catholic radio stations and three Church-affiliated TV stations.

Catholic priests in Nicaragua sentenced to 10 years in prison

A judge sentenced 4 Catholic Nicaraguan priests and 2 seminarians to a 10-year prison term this past Monday.

Ortega's Socialist regime imprisons priests in Nicaragua

Fr. Óscar Danilo Benavidez Dávila was arrested in August this year along with other clergymen

Priest sentenced to 8 years in prison in Nicaragua

The court of Managua found the Nicaraguan priest Oscar Benavidez Dávila guilty of “conspiracy.”

Nicaraguan authorities banned a traditionnal Marian procession

This is not the first time the local regime has banned such services.

Nicaraguan cardinal says Mass at entrance of firebombed cathedral chapel

Cardinal Brenes: "The Church has always suffered and will continue to suffer, but our assurance is that the Lord is with us.”