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Bell rings out from Catholic cathedral in Mosul for the first time since ISIS occupation

“The tones of the bell are an invitation … to unite hearts to denounce violence and wars.”

Iraq celebrates third anniversary of ISIS defeat

The defeat of ISIS in 2017 is celebrated as a national holiday throughout Iraq.

Muslims restore a Catholic church in Mosul, but the Christians have not returned

Young Muslim volunteers helped the cleaning and restoration work of the Syrian Catholic Church of Mar Toma.

Christians remain at risk of 'eradication' in post-ISIS Iraq

About 87% of Christians surveyed in the study said they feel “unsafe" in this Middle Eastern region.

Christians regain hope for Mosul's rebirth six years after ISIS took power

Infrastructures must be rebuilt, corruption eradicated, and services boosted.

Muslims and Christians join to rebuild places of worship demolished by ISIS

The UAE funded UNESCO programme will make it possible to restore the historic places of worship in Mosul.

Senior ISIS Official Arrested in Mosul

Shifa Al-Neama, nicknamed Abu Abd Al-Bari, had worked as a preacher in several mosques where he was educating about ISIS ideology.

Christian faith stronger than ever in Iraq despite instability

The local Catholic Archbishop says Christians are stronger in their faith than ever before.