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An American pro-lifer is being persecuted by the FBI

Mark Houck was arrested by the FBI on the orders of the Justice Department.

Joe Biden speaks again in favour of abortion

Biden has already declared in September that he does not believe life begins at conception.

Joe Biden does not believe any more that life begins at conception

President Joe Biden said that he does not believe life begins at conception - contradicting his previous statements on the subject

President Biden announces nominees to key international religious freedom roles

Matias Perttula, Director of Advocacy at ICC, expressed his willingness to "advance religious freedom globally."

Biden administration to allow Americans to self-identify "X" on their passport

Americans will be able to choose a "gender" which contradicts their biological sex.

Biden health chief refuses to say that partial-birth abortion is illegal

Xavier Becerra repeatedly evaded giving a straight yes-or-no answer to the question.

Biden administration reconsidering abortion pill regulations

Pro-abortion groups praised the Biden administration for reconsidering federal safety regulations of the abortion pill regimen.

Biden Administration shifts focus away from religious freedom wordlwide

USCIRF has urged the current administration to fill several key positions dedicated to religious freedom issues.

President Biden appoints special envoy for Horn of Africa

Eritrea was once again named in the US Commission on International Religious Freedom’s latest report.