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Progressive activist, former Christian pastor Shaun King converts to Islam

Progressive activist and former Christian pastor has announced his conversion to Islam amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

Women and young people are the primary targets of Islamic extremists

The head of Indonesia’s anti-terrorism agency confirmed they are focussing on protecting teenagers and women from radicalization

Fourteen-year-old Christian boy slayed by Muslim gunmen

Muslim gunmen shot a 14 year-old Christian boy dead in Punjab Province, Pakistan on Monday evening

Woman testifies about brutality of Islamic extremism in Nigeria

"Religious leaders [...] say I am too educated and I am too outspoken, which I shouldn't be," she exlains.

Islamic extremists kill 30 Christians, rape multiple women in DRC

Jihadis armed with guns, machetes, clubs, swords and axes reportedly surrounded churches in each of the five villages.

Jihadists continue to terrorise Mozambique

Christians fear for their life in the country which is being taken over by radical Islamists.

Nigerian pastor appeals for release from Islamic terrorists

Pastor Zongo leads the Church of Christ In Nations Congregation of Wild Life Park Local Church Council.

Christians are the most persecuted in Islamic countries

Official reports state that over 260 million Christians were subjected to discrimination and persecution worldwide in 2019.

Mozambique: World turns its back as crisis worsens

As the crisis caused by the jihadist incursion worsens, the international community is failing those caught up in the chaos

Nigerian sentenced to 26 years for forcing Christian teen into Islamic marriage

The criminal was initially let out on bail in 2016 but was later rearrested for failing to appear in court.