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Suspected jihadist attacks have claimed more than 80 lives

Jihadist groups are the primary suspects in many attacks against civilians in Christian-majority North Kivu province, in the DRC. More than 80 people lost their lives in the series of attacks.

A series of attacks were carried out in Christian-majority North Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The primary suspect behind the attacks is the Islamic State Central Africa Province, also known as the Allied Democratic Forces. The jihadist group is active in the region and has a long history of such violent acts.

The latest wave of attacks started on May 31 in Makobu village, where thirteen bodies of the victims were found. On June 4, the jihadists attacked Masawu village, killing seventeen people. On June 6, eleven other bodies were recovered in the Kabweli, Mamulese, and Mununze communities.

The Islamist militants carried out the latest and biggest-volume attack on June 9 in the villages of Masala, Mapasana, and Mahini. Here, they massacred at least 41 civilians over one night. According to eyewitnesses, the attackers were armed with guns and machetes and hunted down the ones who tried to flee as well. With all these horrendous attacks, in a bit over a week, the suspected Islamists killed 82 people.

Source: Barnabas Aid

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