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Several graves desecrated in Irish cemetery

Outrage has been expressed after three headstones were desecrated with garish, red graffiti.

Irish government calls out Eritrea for arbitrary imprisonment of Christians

Ireland has made statements concerning Eritrea to the UN Human Rights Council twice this year.

Catholic students are most affected by bullying in Ireland

One teacher also suggested that "holding a religious worldview can be a lonely experience in modern Ireland."

Ninety per cent of Irish doctors do not want to kill the unborn

According to abortion activists, the time has come for lawmakers to limit the possibility of conscientious objection.

Richard Dawkins encourages the killing of the unborn

"I think it would be wise and reasonable to remove a child with a serious disability" says the scientist.

Irish government lifts ban on Holy Mass after five months

The once Catholic country turned out to be the only one in Europe where physical access to the Blessed Sacrament was so limited.

Police in Ireland fine Catholic priest for offering public Masses

Police have fined a Catholic priest for celebrating public Masses amid a nationwide lockdown.

Irish bishop even stricter than authorities regarding Holy Mass restrictions

Bishop Farrell commanded priests to baptise "only in exceptional circumstances, or in danger of death."

Irish bishop banned from Twitter for criticising euthanasia

A number of groups, even Palliative Care groups, have called the proposed legislation from the far left "deeply flawed".

Catholic symbols to be removed from Irish State schools

Religious celebrations are to operate on an opt-in basis moving forward, rather than requiring students to opt-out.