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France implements new subsidy mechanism for religious associations

Several Human Rights Groups have expressed their concern or opposition to this control mechanism.

Evangelical church attacked by armed men in Nigeria

At least one devotee has been killed, several others have been kidnapped.

Evangelical Mexicans lose access to water for refusing to deny their faith

This is not a one-off incident of Christian persecution in Mexico, which has risen due to drug cartel violence.

US street preacher arrested in London

He stressed that in the UK, “you cannot speak against homosexuality or transgenderism and you can’t speak against Islam.”

Hundreds volunteer with Samaritan's Purse to help victims of flooding in Germany

Over 177 people died in Germany as a result of the historic natural disaster.

Rapper DMX featured on new Christian rap song "Prayer"

The artist, who admittedly lost relatives to COVID-19, told his audience to keep the faith and believe in the will of God.

Catholics and Evangelicals speak up against euthanasia in Germany

A member of the German Ethics Council demanded that the process be clearly opposed and suspended.

Group of British street evangelists take police to court after several arrests

To date, the police involved have never issued a formal apology for their conduct. 

Evangelist pastor prevented from sharing the Gospel by Chinese authorities

Yunfei became a Christian in 2015, and following his conversion, began sharing the Gospel publicly.

An evangelical library has been smeared with anti-Christian graffiti in France

All the windows of the bookstore were targeted by inscriptions, such as "Christianity is a successful sect".