Tag: Displaced people

Islamist attack in Mozambique

The latest attack led to the displacement of many more residents in Cabo Delgado province.

Christian villagers worship for the first time after displacement by Fulani

Fulani militants displaced over 600 church members and killed 67, locals told ICC

Christian families displaced after refusing to renounce their faith in India

For years there were no objections to the families’ new found faith.

More than ten thousand people displaced after terror attack in Niger

The "twin attacks" on two villages in Niger on the 2nd of January have caused the flight of over ten thousand inhabitants.

Hundreds of thousands of people displaced due to conflict in Mozambique

So far attacks on Christians has been relatively small, but that will change quickly if the conflict continues.

WFP and UNICEF: End the violence and protect children in Syria

One-third of the Syrian people are food insecure, 1 in 3 children out of school, half of all health facilities are non-funtional.

Civilian Deaths due to Conflict Rise in Burkina Faso by 650%

The actual number in 2018 was 173 total deaths. This jumped to 1295 deaths in 2019.