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Christian children's book author comes out as gay and announces divorce

The Nashville-based couple, who married in 2004, have three children together. 

Churches, activists and children harassed by Cuban authorities

The government has been abusing freedom of religion for years.

Professor in prison for running Christian orphanage in Nigeria

Despite having all of the legal paperwork to operate the orphanage, it was closed down, and the professor was taken to prison.

Children are deprived of education becuase of conflict in Syria

The future of one and a half million children are in danger.

Christians in Syria continue to face brutal circumstances

This month marked the ninth anniversary of the start of the civil war in Syria. “The situation is terrible”

WFP and UNICEF: End the violence and protect children in Syria

One-third of the Syrian people are food insecure, 1 in 3 children out of school, half of all health facilities are non-funtional.

Disney to feature first LGBTQ character in movie ‘Onward’

The upcoming movie will feature a lesbian character - a police officer named Spector.

Christian charity calls on international community to unite in aiding Syria

Since December, around one million people, many of them Christians and children, have been displaced.

South Dakota House bill outlaws transgender medical procedures on children

The Vulnerable Child Protection Act now heads to the state Senate

Libya: thousands of children at risk amidst ongoing conflict

UNICEF publishes details concerning the number of children at risk amidst the violence and chaos of the ongoing conflict.