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Heroes aren't born. They are cornered.

Heroic father talks of how he confronted terrorists at Christchurch mosque, New Zealand - Watch new video footage!

The ISIS terrorist, who beheaded Christians, wants to return to Italy

ISIS' terrorist: “If I return to Italy, I will blow myself up.”

Land-Grabbing of Christians in Pakistan

They are left voiceless as Muslims force them off of their property

Breaking News: Terrorist attack in New Zealand

Mosque shooting during Friday prayer

Jihadist groups have control over Central African Republic

14 Jihadist groups are responsible for the attacks in the Central African Republic

The West African Court asks Nigeria to protect the Christians in the country

“The Nigerian government was in violation of its obligation to protect the human rights of these communities,”

"Second Coming" gets new publisher

AHOY Comics announced publishing the series this summer

A samba school of dance in São Paolo enacted the “victory” of Satan over Jesus

“The person who invented this scene, stopped watching the series before the last episode."

China is “at war with faith.”

Sam Brownback, the U.S. ambassador-at-large criticised China on religious minorities