Christian leader killed by hitmen in Myanmar

Three gunmen killed a religious leader in Kachin State, Myanmar. Sources say it was a targeted attack. 

Fuyang Maizhong Reformed Church was raided again

For the third time in six months, the leader and several members of the house church were taken away by the police.

Church was ordered to remove crosses in China.

The local authorities cited "safety" reasons for the removal of the crosses.

Proposal for blasphemy law in Bangladesh

The demand for a blasphemy law has been present in Bangladesh for years by Islamic groups and political parties. 

Further decline of religious freedom in Hong Kong

Activists call for international action as religious freedom in Hong Kong is in rapid decline.

Three Coptic Orthodox monks killed in South Africa

They were murdered at the monastery of St. Mark and St. Samuel the Confessor in Cullinan.

Myanmar Army detained a pastor and 16 youths

The pastor and the youths were arrested during a raid on a shelter camp in Myanmar.

Life as missionaries-Part4

Interview with Frank and Emily van Dalen about faith, missionary work and their experiences in Pakistan and Lithuania.

Nuns support women in Nepal

The organization established by nuns helps women in vulnerable situations become independent.

Three house church members arrested in Vietnam

The arrest of the three Protestant worshippers was without any warrant or reason.