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Fuyang Maizhong Reformed Church was raided again

Police raided Maizhong Reformed Church in Anhui again. It is the third raid in six months. They took Elder Chang Shun and several other members of the house church and kept them detained.

Police raided the Maizhong Reformed Church again. The house church in Fuyang, Anhui province, China, is the target of constant raids by the police. The raid on March 10 was the third in six months.

The police intruded on a prayer gathering and detained eighteen believers, including Elder Chang Shun, leader of the house church. The police officers carrying out the raid snowed no documents or mandate. They also confiscated phones and computers.

Out of the eighteen believers detained, eight remain detained for thirteen days, including Elder Chang Shun, who has been incarcerated for fifteen days. 

The house church and Elder Chang continuously resist the government’s attempts to make them join the Three-Self Church. Churches not willing to comply with the communist party-controlled religious organizations are targets of constant raids.

Source: Bitter Winter

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