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A religious sister was assaulted in Colombia

The nun was attacked and sexually assaulted in Medellín, Colombia. The case caused outrage in the Colombian Church, who are demanding an investigation not only in this case but in all the cases of violence against women.

The attack happened on January 22. The 31-year-old nun did not arrive at the refectory for dinner, and her other religious sisters went to search for her.

They searched the grounds of their monastery, which is on the outskirts of Medellín.

The nun was found in the forest nearby and the signs of her assault were evident. She had been stripped of her habit and her hands and neck were tied. Her appearance showed signs of physical and sexual assault. 

Presently, she is in hospital in an intensive care unit. It was here that her sexual violation was confirmed.

The local authorities have two suspects, and are currently looking for both.

In a statement, the Conference of Religious Leaders of Colombia condemned the attack in and called for a full investigation. The statement said that this should not be another attack that remains unpunished.

“We consider that any abuse, aggression, mistreatment, or form of violence against women is abominable from every point of view, especially, in our case, against religious women.”

The victim is a member of Teresitas Contemplativas del Santísimo, a Colombian congregation. They have ten nuns in the monastery, in the rural era of Medellín. It is a peaceful area inhabited by farmers, and such violent crimes are unusual.

Father Jaime Humberto Henao, head of the Archdiocese of Medellín’s Social Pastoral Ministry, said the church has to keep raising awareness against violence, especially violence against women.

Source: UCAnews

Photo: UN Women

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