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ISIS-linked militants kill dozens of students in Uganda

Five armed radicals from the Allied Democratic Forces seized dormitories at Lhubiriha Secondary School, in Mpondwe town, last Friday. The militants set the buildings on fire and started slaughtering students and teachers with machetes.

Survivors reported the rebels threw a bomb into the dormitory after the machete attack. 20 of them suffered serious wounds and 17 of them were burned to death.

More than 60 people are educated at the school, most of whom live there.

According to the Ugandan Information Minister, Chris Baryomunsi, 37 students were killed in the attack. The terrorists also slaughtered a school guard and 3 members of the local community. Then they stole food from the school and abducted 6 students to carry the possessed goods.

The Ugandan army deployed helicopters to track the terrorists. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres condemned the “appalling act” and called for those behind it to be brought to justice.

Members of the local community criticized authorities for not being prepared.  One resident said “If they are telling us the borders are secure and security is tight, I want the security to tell us where they were when these killers came to kill our people”.

Allied Democratic Forces, an Islamic terrorist group, is active along the border between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. The group often targets schools as a way of recruiting children and also to shock and frighten locals. 

Richard Moncrieff, an expert in the region at the International Crisis Group said “These are terrorist groups who want to make and impact through violence, they want to show that they are there, show that they are active to their colleagues and allies in Isis in other parts of the world”. 


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