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Hungarian government is doing everything for the security of the Jewish community

Jewish security

The government is doing everything possible for the security of the Jewish community and considers it important that every Jewish person can feel safe in Hungary," said Bence Rétvári, the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Interior.

On the occasion of the 79th anniversary of the deportation of the Jewish community in Vác and the Danube Bend area, during a commemoration held at the local synagogue, Bence Rétvári emphasized in his speech: year after year, they gather to remember those who were deported from Vác and the surrounding villages, those who could never return home. At such a local commemoration, when life stories and street names are mentioned, distant numbers turn into close tragedies – he expressed.

“We must also remember those who tried to save people during this period, such as Margit Slachta and Sára Salkaházi, who are role models for us because they risked their lives in a much more difficult situation than today. Hungary experienced Nazi and Soviet occupations, but the Hungarians did not become Nazis or Communists, instead, they preserved Christian values. It is important to always preserve these values because the Christian value system gave strength to the rescuers even in the most terrible times,” said the Secretary of State.

Bence Rétvári emphasized that every such occasion is a call to take care of our fellow human beings at all times because human life is the most important value. In the part of Europe where illegal immigration has greatly intensified, a new wave of anti-Semitism has emerged. It is necessary to preserve peace in Europe so that every Jew can feel safe.

The Secretary of State declared that it is important for every Jewish person to feel safe in Hungary, and therefore, it is essential to always stand up against anti-Semitism.

Source: MTI

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