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Muslim man kidnapped Christian girl in Pakistan


Arif Gill said he lost hope of finding his 15-year-old daughter – abducted by a 60-year-old Muslim man who forcibly married her and converted her to Islam – until police in Pakistan finally registered a case after nearly two months.

Sitara Arif, also known as Saira, was kidnapped on Dec. 15 by Rana Tayyab in the Yousafabad area of Faisalabad, Gill said. Tayyab is the husband of Naila Ambreen, a Muslim government school principal for whom Saira worked as domestic help.

“I went to the police station to report my daughter’s kidnapping, but they refused to accept my complaint and forced me out of the building,”

said Gill, a physically handicapped Catholic.

He said he made repeated attempts to register a case against Tayyab, with police ignoring his pleas.

Gill said poverty forced the family to send their daughter to work in a Muslim household.

“I’m unable to earn a livelihood, so my wife and daughter work as domestic helps to provide for the family,” he said.

“We have always been very protective about our daughter, and it never occurred to us that she would be targeted by a man five times her age.”

Sitara is the oldest of Gill’s children.

Source: Christian Headlines

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