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A Nigerian priest was brutally murdered

Father Achi, the parish priest of Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Kafin-Koro, Nigeria was brutally murdered on the night of Saturday, the 14th of January. State Secretary Tristan Azbej shared the sad news and expressed his sympathy in a Facebook post on Sunday morning.

The Hungarian State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians and for the Hungary Helps Program shared the post on Sunday morning in which he tells about the death of the Nigerian Catholic priest, Father Achi.

The priest was murdered late on  Saturday night when terrorists broke into the parish building of Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Kafin-Koro, where the priest lived. According to local sources, they burned him alive and shot his assistant, who was later transferred to hospital with severe injuries. 

In his post, Tristan Azbej writes that he remembers the deceased priest in his prayers and expresses his sympathy towards the persecuted Christians in Africa. He adds, however, that it is not enough only to remember but the international community has also to take action against Christian persecution in the world. According to him, the first step is to stop being in denial. Western politicians must accept that Father Achi and other Christians in Africa and Asia are murdered for their faith and not because of climate change or local conflicts. 

He also highlights that the Hungarian Government supports struggling Christian communities in these areas through the Hungary Helps Program. In recent years, Hungary contributed to the medical support of victims of terrorism and the reconstruction of destroyed churches, schools and homes. There is also a scholarship program that allows many young persecuted Christians to study at Hungarian universities despite their financial or other difficulties.

Source: Facebook/Tristan Azbej


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