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Thousands of persecuted Christians suffer from hunger

Millions of people suffer from hunger in the world. According to a report published by the UNO on the 14th of September, nineteen countries are at high risk of famine.

In thirteen of these nineteen countries, Christians suffer from persecution for their faith. Food insecurity worsens the situation of those who already suffer from discrimination.

There are ten times more countries at risk now than six years ago. According to the UNO report, 970,000 people could die of hunger by the beginning of 2023. The people most at risk are in Afghanistan, Somalia, and Yemen. These countries are among the top five countries on Open Doors’ World Watch List of Persecution. Here, Christians are the most exposed to hunger, as aid programs support the members of the religious majority of these countries, and Christians are omitted due to their faith in Jesus.

Beyond Afghanistan, Somalia, and Yemen, there is famine in three additional countries from the Open Doors list: the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Syria,  the Central African Republic and Pakistan. 

Even though many aid organizations work on helping these Christians in need, there are so many people suffering that these organizations can only help those in the most critical situations, Open Doors Brazil reports. 

Open Doors Brazil prompts Christians and all people of goodwill to get involved and help the persecuted Christians. Every donation is a great help to Christians in need and can save lives.  


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