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Serbian president cancels “Europride” following backlash from pro-life groups

Serbia’s pro-life groups recently celebrated a landmark victory with the cancellation of the ‘Europride March,’ scheduled for September 17th.


Following organized protests, in which throngs of people gathered several times on the streets of Belgrade, Serbian president, Aleksandar Vučić, was forced to cancel the notoriously sensualist parade. However, exhibitions, film screenings, and a four-day international press conference on human rights will still take place during the week.

While Vučić gave the “rise of a significant crisis in Kosovo” as the official explanation, the real reason for the cancellation seems to have been the phalanx of Church and pro-life leaders who staunchly opposed the annual ‘LGBTQ’ event.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs has now warned that counter-gatherings, scheduled on the same day, may cause a clash between the two groups.


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