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A march in defense of persecuted Christians will pass through Washington

Estimates of the international organization Open Doors show that the number of persecuted is growing year by year and already amounts to 360 million. This is over ten times more than the population of Poland. Today, in Washington, a March for Martyrs is organized in defense of Christians who are discriminated against in various ways.


The event will begin at the famous Washington National Mall. Participants will walk along the route past the White House. The march will end with the Night for Martyrs, during which participants will hear the testimonies of persecuted Christians and those who defend them. 

“We can all see what is happening in Afghanistan right now. Christians are being hunted down and killed. This is happening in so many other societies around the world, and so few people talk about it. That is why we decided to move the March for Martyrs to Washington,” said Gia Chacón, president of For The Martyrs.

It was Afghanistan, where the Taliban took power last summer, which dethroned North Korea in the infamous persecution ranking. In this Islamic republic, as in many Muslim countries, the most vulnerable to persecution are those who converted from Islam to Christianity.


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