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The persecution of Christians in India continues

In the Indian state of Punjab, a Sikh mob attacked a Catholic church. The church heel was destroyed and the priest's car was set on fire. The attack was related to the declarations of the Sikh spiritual leaders against the increasing number of conversions to Christianity.


The incident occurred on August 31 shortly after midnight in the northern Indian city of Patti, in the Punjab province. Committing acts of vandalism, the crowd chanted the words, “we are Khalistans.”

Khalistan is a postulated state that would include India’s Punjab province and part of Pakistan. They are the home territories of Sikhism, whose adherents have been presenting separatist aspirations for many years.

Recently, there have been many accusations among Sikhs of other religions of converting fellow believers. On the day of the attack on the church in Patti, Akal Takht’s main center of Sikhism issued a statement against forced conversions allegedly committed by Christian missionaries. The Sikh Nihang order of warriors also protested against this phenomenon.

Christians deny the accusations of forced conversions and the pursuit of extensive proselytizing activities. It is true, however, that in recent decades their number in Punjab has increased and is now estimated at around 10%. inhabitants of this region.


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