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Germany observes an average of 87 attacks on churches every year since 2006

According to the answer of one of the committees of the German parliament to the question of deputies, since 2006 almost 1,500 crimes against religious objects have been committed in the capital of this country. Christian temples were attacked in the great majority, almost 1,400 times.


Since 2006, at least 1,495 criminal acts have been committed in Berlin against Christian, Muslim and Jewish sites. Most of these were cases of damage to property, such as graffiti on the facades, but also disruption of religious practices and arson, the Senate culture committee said.

According to the answer to the MPs’ question published a few days ago, 1,392 crimes concerned Christian temples, 64 – Islamic communities and 39 – Jewish ones.

Since 2012, security authorities have also been recording cases of crimes against religious institutions which, in their opinion, are politically motivated. In the past eleven years, churches have suffered in 83 cases, Jewish communities in 36 and Muslim communities in 10 cases.

According to the senate commission, there are currently 224 Evangelical and 104 Catholic churches in Berlin. It is estimated that Muslim communities maintain about 100 places of prayer, and the Jewish community has 11 synagogues in the capital.


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